Doug Starcher smokes a cigarette at night on the yard at SEPTA. Monitor Colleen Rutter performs the afternoon count. Josh Baldwin eats breakfast before going on work release. A poem by Chris Vernon to his girlfriend. Chris goes through his locker, decorated with pictures of his sons and girlfriends. Condensation runs down a window on a cold morning. Brandon Gartin shaves his head in the West Wing at SEPTA. Justin Moore reshelves books in the Learning Center. Chester Morris, aka "Old School," stretches on his last day at SEPTA. Inmates work on an exercise in the Epictetus self mastery class. Intensive Outpatient Program counselor Lisa Champ talks with Starcher. George Fisher plays spades with other inmates on the yard. Nikki Geer, Michael Johnston, and Justin Moore smoke on the yard on a Saturday afternoon. Vernon takes a long shot after dinner. Chris Freyermuth plays a religious video during bible study. Inmates participate in a horticulture class in the late afternoon. Doug Starcher directs the work to turn over the soil during the class. Starcher's arm, inscribed with white supremacist tattoos, rests on a chair as he watches TV. George Fisher and Doug Starcher look over a friend's shirt. Bobby Johnson comforts his girlfriend Alyssa during visitation. An image of Jesus decorates a computer screen. Timothy Stevens gets a light through the fence from George Fisher while he mows the grass. Christopher Brown pets a stray cat in the rec yard. A drawing left on a whiteboard in a classroom. Nikki Geer sits for a portrait on his last day at SEPTA Correctional. An uncooperative inmate is forcibly removed from the facility after a positive drug test. Starcher walks the grounds outside fence at SEPTA. He was released May 15, 2011.