Closing a wound, El Hoyon prison. Salvatrucha, taken in a joint Army/ Police gang sweep, Guatemala City. Graffiti clean up, Ciudad del Sol. Mareros repent. Palin, Guatemala. Rolando, in his son's former hangout. Ana and her missing husband Estuardo, who was a member of the Mara 18. Teenage male, tortured and dumped, Guatemala City. Anti-gang operations. Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Mara 18 victim of the El Hoyon prison massacre. Escuintla, Guatemala. A woman recognizes a friend, Escuintla morgue. “Skinny” is tended to by a nurse while handcuffed to his bed. El Gato recovers from a gunshot wound to the head, hospital Escuintla. Teresa cries for her son Jorge, a victim of the El Hoyon massacre. Mourners carry Jorge’s body to it’s grave, Guatemala City. El Hoyon marero.