Angeles tries in vain to reassemble a skull at La Verbena. Above workers and anthropologists above the ossuary. The exhumation from down inside. Ramiro looks down at the hundreds of remains. A skull emerges from the pile of bones in the pit. Sara Poroj Vasquez lost her husband to disappearance in 1984. Sara and her son at La Verbena where she hopes she will find her husbands remains. Sara on her roof. She makes tamales to sell in the street to make ends meet. Visitors to La Verbena come and go through the front gate of the cemetery. Jessica takes a DNA sample from a family member of a disappeared woman in hopes of finding a match. Jorge Mario Barrios examines case #1200-2776. Susanna Sanchez analyzes a skull while police watch. Kat descending into the ossuary. Pigeons over the cathedral in the Plaza Central. The public campaign to gather DNA samples from the living. The faces of the disappeared on the walls of Zone 1. Esther Herrarte lost her son Jorge Alberto from her living room in 1983. Esther does the dishes. She hopes Jorge's remains will be found at La Verbena. A clip from the newspaper sits on Esther's kitchen table. Vinicio drags a bag of remains to be re-interred. Esther shops at a local market near her home. Esther and her son Edgar walk out the same door of their home that her son Jorge was abducted through in 28 years ago. The skull of an unidentified person, FAFG case ##1200-2776, who probably died from a gunshot to the face. Bernabe prepares a bag to hold remains from the ossuary. Sorting unmatched bones at the exhumation site. A rosary discovered among the remains. Clothing from a skeleton is catalogued and photographed. Vinicio holds on as he stares down into the pit. Julio Solorzano Foppa, who lost his mother to disappearance in 1980, at home in Guatemala City. Ester Herrarte holds a portrait of her son Jorge. Don Julio with a poster of his disappeared mother, Alaida Foppa, a prominent Latin American feminist and poet. Rows of niches filled with the dead at La Verbena. A worker scans documents at the historical police archives, where researchers hope to find evidence of forced disappearance. One of the last rooms at the historical police archives to be catalogued that hopefully holds clues to police killings.