Constantino Fermin plays accordion before work. Santos, Constantino, and Nicasio eat dinner after a day in the fields. Santos in his room. Arriving in the fields. Constantino and Nicasio rehearse together after work. Sunday afternoon barbeque. Waiting to pick tomatoes. Santos stays behind as the brothers leave for Mexico. Gas station, Arizona. Bus station, Ciudad Juarez. Efrain Fermin, reflected in the Virgin Mary. Nicasio looks over the hills of his home state, Guerrero. Crossing the river to Acojtapachtlan. Constantino talks to his son for the first time in his life. Cooking tortillas over the fire. A niece watches the brothers rehearse for the festival. Edgar Fermin, 2, takes a bath behind his house. The village of Atojtapachtlan, mid festival. Local boys watch as the town celebrates. Constantino leads a cow around the church as a blessing. Women make tamales for the festival. Villagers celebrate San Lucas with fireworks. The Fermin brothers, aka Los Diferentes del Sur, take the stage. Constantino and Nicasio play the dance. Efrain rests in the hills above town the day after the festival.
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