A guard prepares to shackle an inmate before transfer at Deuel Vocational Institute, a California State Prison used as a transfer point. Clouds roll over California State Prison- Solano in Vacaville CA. Inmates mill around a dorm in a former gym at DVI. A guard escorts an inmate being transferred to another facility. Newly arrived inmates listen to instructions at CSP Solano. Inmates talk on payphones in a dorm. A prisoner argues with guards in a Level Three dormitory. Inmates at CSP Solano study high school courses and read the Koran on their bunks. Jerry Archer walks between the bunks in H or "Hell" dorm in CSP Solano Prison. Inmates play a game of chess in Level Three "H" dorm. An inmate watches the yard through a shattered window. White supremacist inmates perform a Wiccan religious ritual at dusk in the yard in CSP Solano. A "shank," or homemade prison weapon, lies beneath a prisoners' pillow. Inmates pass the time outside the shower room. A prison tattooist holds a homemade tattoo gun. An inmate has his tattoos reviewed by a guard before paroling. Inmates await transfer at DVI. A video monitor records a dorm. An arriving prisoner is strip searched An inmate awaiting transfer peers out from a holding cage at Deuel Vocational Institute.
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