Honduran immigrants peer through the door of their holding cell. Tapachula, Mexico. Old indigenous woman at the US border fence, Mexicali. Leopold, a deported immigrant from the US, works in Mexicali. Raftsmen cross the river Suchiate ferrying goods and immigrants between Guatemala and Mexico. Border patrol agents watch the fence near Tecate. Immigrants scramble to climb “the train of death” in Tapachula. Crosses mark the graves of uknown immigrants that died in the desert, CA. Remains of an unidentified migrant found in the desert at the coroners office, Holtville, CA. Minutemen volunteer. Campo, CA. Amputees from the train north, Tapachula. Migrants climb the US/Mexico fence, Mexicali. Members of the Mara Salvatrucha captured after an attack on the train. Catholic faithful cross themselves. Mexicali, Mexico. Elisa, a Salvadoran immigrant, shows wounds she suffered in an attack on the train, Tapachula. A Salvadoran woman lies dead after a gang attack on the train north. Huixtla, Mexico. An elderly woman cries after a passion play, Mexicali.