Children dressed as clowns beg in Guatemala City. Morning breaks, Santa Anita la Union. Melissa does her hair before leaving for school. Rainy afternoon in the Ixil triangle. In the highlands of Quiche. Augustina weighs her child in a bakery scale. Campesinos search for the graves of their relatives, Estrella Polar. Wismer swings at a pinata on his birthday. Listening to the forensic anthropologists. Fernando's UN demobilization card. Anthropologist Danny Guzman holds a jawbone during an exhumation, Comalapa. Exhumed skull in a former army base. Families of the disappeared watch the exhumation. Moruners carry the coffin of a victim of the war, San Pedro Jocopilas. Burning a rat infested mattress. Murder victim, zone 10, Guatemala City. The blind accordion player, Sixth Avenue. Marina Sinar sings and prays for her missing son. Women cry over the body of their slain father. Carnival night, Todos Santos. Otilio waits with his friends for school to start. Boys watch the funeral for a murdered priest. Watching telenovelas at home, back from Oakland. A woman is escorted by soldiers from an evicted settlement, Finca El Maguey. Squatter, Nuevo Palmar. Sisters sit in the ruins of their former home. A squatter builds his shack from plastic sheets, Rancho Tres Hermanos. Burning the fields during the sugar cane harvest. Valerio, a guerilla for 17 years of his life. Running the horses for the Day of the Dead. Watching the drunks. Night falls on zone 1, Guatemala city. Women walk by a wall of wrecked police trucks. Victims of the social cleansing. Parishioners mourn the death of their priest. President Berger and bodyguards. Evening in the shantytown, El Mezquital. Victim of the riot at El Hoyon in the morgue, Escuintla. Maria and the disappearance of her son. Members of the Mara 18, El Hoyon prison.