Will tattooing Aaron, Mendenhall St. Andrew and Blake, van dead, Portland. Audrey first day of a new year. Face Down in Shit, the Onion Cellar. Matthew gets some help, winter show. Set list. Riders, leaving Stockton. Brian and Cecil, Dijon. Amy and Ouiji. Rita, Dave, Audrey, Blake, Greensboro summer night. Feeney and Wiley, SF. Stacey and Leslie, Oroville pontoon boat. Will and Claire, North Myrtle Beach. Andrew, Wisemans view, Blue Ridge Mountains. I-40 signage. Zach and Leslie, cross country home for christmas. Andrew and guitar, late in the day. Newsom and Feeney, shooting. Bonfire, Ocean Beach. Will, lunch break on a painting job. Andrew dressing for his wedding. Blake at home, Greensboro. Dick St. lives. Sirens, Asheville swimming hole. Bottle of red wine. Lisa, karaoke birthday at the Mint. Zach and Chris, Travartine hot springs. Holland, building the fire, Big Basin. Aki, Aya, Derrick, Chapel Hill. Gulls, ferry to Ocracoke. Chris, Aya, Charlotte, Yosemite river. Rita and Josh, Portland. Zach and Chris, Tate St. Sam at the Jelly Donut, 24th St. Andrew, five minutes together, SF airport. Will and Wiley, Greensboro. Rita, leaving San Francisco. Suleiman, in the ruins of the Sutro Baths. Wiley and Claire. Crickett and a brand new Ivan.