A search in order to pass a US position, the Onkhai Valley. A dog lunges at a soldier during a house search in Lachikhel, Tangi Valley. Afghan policeman at his post, Kandahar City. A boy watches Spc. Don Ezra Plemmons buy supplies, Sayedabad. Marines on patrol near COP Turbett, Marjah. Lt. Stuhler has a heart to heart with Haji Najibullah. Cpt. Zepeda makes things clear for Haji Bozgul during a shura at COP Turbett. A villager condemns a US air assault on his community, Lachikhel. Lnc. Cpl. Stephanie Robertson and an Afghan Police admirer, Kuru-Cherey bazaar, Marjah. An elderly man argues with Sgt. Timothy Stokes during a patrol in Marjah. A pair of brothers cry as US soldiers take their father away as a detainee. Shir Gul washes the cars of Kabulis for money on the shores of Qargha reservoir. A soldier from the 4/25, 10th Mountain, at a school in Mohammed Agha, Logar province. Soldiers at rest in the Arghandab Valley. An Afghan Policeman, asleep outside of Kandahar City. The Arghandab Valley sweeps to the northwest of Kandahar. Afghan folks swim in the evening in the Qargha reservoir. Samiullah, 12, and his father Ismail beg for alms on a footbridge in Kabul. Afghan women shopping near the Kut-E-Sangi market, Kabul. Cutting a flip into the pool, Paghman. Day laborers share a breakfast of tea and naan, Kabul. An evening swim in one of the US built canals, Marjah. Two boys, and a reflection, Paghman. Afghan men swim and roughhouse around the pool. Lightbulb store in the Old City, Kabul. Motorcycle pride. Abdul Mohid and other laborers in their transient hotel after a long day. Elders listen to an appeal for volunteers for a local militia in Zabulat, Wardak. Afghan police wait out a rain storm in a cellar during an operation in the Tangi Valley. Afghan soldiers watch the disposal of one of their destroyed vehicles, Marjah. Photos of Taliban found on a house raid, Chor-Cherey, Marjah. An empty seat next to a house, a sign of bad atmospherics, Marjah patrol. Women and children gather as Marines search their compound. Afghan soldiers on patrol in the Tangi Valley with flowers in their hair. Patrolling in sandals on a hill above Logar Province. Night falls on JSS Commanche, Tangi Valley, Wardak Province. Staff Sgt. Zamora leads a fire team on patrol in Marjah. 1st Platoon Fox Co. kills a chicken the hard way for dinner at Chor-Cherey bazaar, Marjah. Marines wrestle in the evening, Chor-Cherey bazaar. Torgusen, Panilaitis, Vittitow and Person gather after the evening patrol, Marjah. Waiting out a mortar attack at FOB Terra Nova in the Arghandab Valley. Spc. Branch shoulders an AT-4 before a night patrol, Babur, Arghandab valley. Sgt. Stokes conducts a pre-mission brief before a patrol, COP Turbett. Heading out to man an all night checkpoint, COP Babur. Deployment reading rests on a wubby in the Arghandab valley. 2nd. Lt. Hall with an improvised rocket aimed at his base, Logar Province. Sgt. Thomas Burke conducts a search during an air assault in the Tangi Valley. Pfc. Tyler Schell on patrol at dusk, Tangi Valley. Cpl. Manuel Jimenez, an hour before the blast. Doorway to a home, Marjah. Patrolling from COP Turbett, Marjah. Coming up out of cover, Kuru-Cherey patrol. An Afghan Army soldier attacks a civilian after a firefight, Marjah. Lnc. Cpl. Mullins fires a LAW rocket at insurgents during a fight in Marjah. A pull string, attached to a live IED left after a firefight, Chor-Cherey, Marjah. Cpl. Matthew Griffith struggles to communicate without an interpreter during a house search. A letter from Marine Lnc. Cpl. Kaleb Lacy's fiance, Chor-Cherey. Lt. Col. David Flynn's helmet and gloves, with the Blackheart insignia, the Arghandab Valley. Lnc. Cpl. Kaleb Lacy runs toward the shooting after a firefight breaks out near Chor-Cherey bazaar. Cpl. Eric Hopp rushes to save Cpl. Manuel Jimenez after he is hit with an IED on patrol in Marjah. Cpl. Jimenez is carried across the canal. He lost his left arm in the blast. Marines protect Jimenez from the rotor wash during his medevac, Marjah. Lt. Jeff Turner, left, and Lt. Kevin Kilmartin during a briefing at COP Turbett. Soldiers salute at the ramp ceremony for Sgt. Patrick K. Durham and Spc. Andrew J. Castro killed in Babur. Kandahar Air Field. Lt. Matthew Stuhler sits up with Afghan soldiers after they lose seven of their own, Marjah.